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Now file your IT returns easily using BizSol’s XL e-TDS!

Get exclusive XLe -TDS from BizSol to file your Company’s TDS returns.

BizSol XL e-TDS Software XL e-TDS Software

BizSol’s XL e-TDS software helps in filing your company's overall TDS returns conveniently and in a hassle-free manner. Using our software, companies can perform various other activities apart from TDS filing.

Access from anywhere:
BizSol’s XL e-TDS software can be accessed and used literally from anywhere across the globe.
ETDS Return Filing:
Prepare, upload and file eTDS returns.
Get all the files related to FVU for correction statements.
One-time Entry:
Your Company details can be entered one time and does not require adding them every time you want to access.
Multiple Branches:
You can use the BizSol’s XL e-TDS software to file a tax return for multiple branches of your business.
Tax Calculations:
You can set the software for auto tax estimation, salary estimation, monthly TDS deductions and such.
Generation of Forms:
Generate Form 12BA, 16, 16A (quarterly) along with 27D. You can even download them for your further reference.
Form 16:
Use to certify the TDS amount, the purpose of payments made and the TDS amount deposited at the IT department.
Interest Estimation:
Calculate the interest on late tax deposition.
Quick Updates:
Quick updates for the addition of new rules/forms for better working of the software
Data encryption is done through SSL ensuring the security of all yours and your Company data.
Salary Estimation:
Monthly, annual gross and annual net salary calculation which can be used for filing TDS returns.

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