Secure storage and management of Company Documents

Administer and control your documents through BizSol’s Document Control System

Manage and secure your company documents through BizSol’s Document Management solutions.

BizSol’s Document Control system

Document management includes several processes about your company's data and documents. It includes recording, storage, procuring, securing, altering, and updating data & information as and when required. With BizSol’s Document Control system, you can do all this and more effortlessly.

Central Storage system:
BizSol helps you develop and use cloud-based data storage system. This acts as a central storage system from where the company workforce can access, retrieve, view, update and share documents among themselves.
Saves Storage Space:
With reduced or no physical files/documents involved, you can save the existing company space. Along with this, you can save cost in the development of further infrastructures for storage purposes.
Excellent for Backup and Disaster Recovery:
During natural or man-made disasters such as fire, cyber-attacks, cloudburst, and such, your company data is at threat of being destroyed or compromised. However, with BizSol’s cloud backup and disaster recovery services, you not only can withdraw your data after a disaster but also run your company effectively as before.
Intensified Security:
Anything that is stored online comes with the risk of being compromised. But at BizSol, we make sure to strength your storage systems with appropriate security and anti-threat solutions.
Effortless Data Retrieval:
With the documents and data stored on the cloud, you or your workforce can retrieve it from anywhere and at any time.
Increased Work Outputs:
With the easy availability of data, the employees can access and work quickly for expected outcomes. Delays such as finding the files, transporting it from one department to another, damages to the physical files (like paper tearing, spillage etc) and such can be cancelled out.

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