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BizSol Customised Software Development Services

Customised software development includes analysing, outlining & designing, creating, testing, installing, and updating various software solutions which are specifically built to fulfil the requirements of your company. With BizSol software solutions, your company experiences faster services, systematic work environment, easier clientele approach and such.

Enhanced Production Detailing:
This includes appropriate allocation of company’s resources like workforce, raw materials, machinery etc for effective and enhanced production.
You can keep track of everything related to your company right from its growth to incomes, expenditures, losses, profits and such.
Management of your Company Data:
Manage all the core data and information concerning your company as well as your line of business. You can even save your project details here and recover them whenever you need.
Monitoring Workforce:
Everyday upkeep of the workforce like their attendance, who accessed specific location of your establishment, who left the company premises at what time, and all such associated details.
Monitoring Machinery:
Different types of machinery in industries require different calibrations to work aptly. If the calibrations are disturbed, undesired outcomes can be expected. This includes reduced production outcomes, gas leaks, temperature increases in the environment, water leakage, blasts and such. We can help you build custom software for all such calibrations concerning your production unit.
Easier Reach to your Clients:
Your clients can approach you for business through your company's software. Along with this, your existing customers can make use of your customer services, drop feedbacks, provide you with better ideas and such using the same software.

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