E-Governance Application Development

Electronic governance or e-governance is the application of information and communication technology (ICT) for delivering government services, exchange of information, communication transactions, integration of various stand-alone systems and services between government-to-citizen (G2C), government-to-business (G2B), government-to-government (G2G), government-to-employees (G2E) as well as back office processes and interactions within the entire government framework. Through e-governance, government services are made available to citizens in a convenient, efficient, and transparent manner. The three main target groups that can be distinguished in governance concepts are government, citizens, and businesses/interest groups. In e-governance there are no distinct boundaries.

E-Governance calls for efficient execution by the governments in their respective areas so that their services are aligned with the changing needs of citizens. With a steep rise in information and communication technology in the recent years, it has become imperative for the governments in most countries to resort to e-Governance. This is because e-Governance enables government departments to function more efficiently and transparently.

The objective of achieving e-Governance transcends beyond computerization of stand-alone back office operations and involves the fundamentals of how the government operates and this implies a new set of responsibilities for the executive, legislature and the citizenry. As our efforts to help the government, BizSol works towards providing end-to-end IT solutions to different government agencies and departments to help them become more efficient and accessible.

We offer a wide spectrum of services and solutions in e-Governance and have attained rich expertise in delivering solutions that are enriched with the highest standards of usability, flexibility, and scalability. We have extended our expertise to the state, local and provincial governments to tackle evolving challenges by successfully delivering citizen-centric services and values. The major areas where our expertise has actively contributed include Development Authorities, Local Bodies and Municipalities etc.